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Emily started the Figure Eight Writers' Workshop, a creative nonfiction writing class, with a single group of students in September 2018. The experience was so vibrant and enriching that word began to spread. From 2019-2024, Emily expanded Figure Eight into multiple workshop groups and electives, creating an extended Figure Eight community. 


What do you learn in a creative nonfiction class? Essentially, how to tell true stories artfully. We meet via Zoom. All levels of experience are welcome. The links below will take you to full descriptions of the offerings for 2023/24. Contact Emily here if you're interested in joining.







“Being part of Figure Eight Writers' Workshop is a joy. Emily’s inspiring and knowledgeable guidance is leading me to places that I have never been before with my writing and expression. I am energized and look forward to more! Emily is the freakin’ bomb! As a long-time workshop facilitator and music mentor to many - who has been secretly wishing for a teacher - I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!”

            -Sloan Wainwright



“Emily’s memoir class is informative, insightful and delightfully fun. I’ve signed up four times. She’s a brilliant teacher providing playful prompts, a ton of smart techniques and examples of beautifully crafted memoirs. Both my writing and reading skills have flourished. What an absolute joy to be part of this inspired workshop.”

            -Teri Scheinzeit



“Emily teaches one of the most enjoyable and helpful classes I’ve ever taken. She’s perceptive, generous, well-prepared, and a wonderful writer herself.” 

            -Ina May Wool



“Emily’s class has breathed a new energy into my writing and has opened me and my writing in ways I didn’t even know were available to me. Emily’s class helped me change my thinking of my writing as hopeless starts to things that I can shape and form. She has given me invaluable tools to do so.” 

            -Nhu An Do

"Emily’s online classes are well thought-out and stimulating. She is a gifted teacher —smart, sensitive, clear and generous. I love how our time together is interactive with a perfect blend of didactic and experiential teaching."

             -Judy Gotlieb

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