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Looking for a writing mentor? Emily offers constructive feedback and inspiration to push creative and formal writing projects to the next level. She provides support in all stages of the writing process including brainstorming, structuring, drafting, revising, editing and even submitting to magazines or contests. Her specialties are memoirs, personal essays, critical essays, college essays and song lyrics. Sessions can be done in via video conference or by email. To set up mentoring sessions, go to the contact page.

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"I met Emily at a writing workshop and immediately knew I wanted her to be my writing mentor. Not only was her writing enviably beautiful, but her feedback showed deep understanding of the craft, from structural elements to strategies for deepening the emotional core of the stories. She helped shape my stories the way I wanted to tell them, but better. Collaborative editing sessions with her for my essay (that eventually got published by two online journals) were instrumental in building my understanding of the process of editing. 

       -Rim Chon

"Emily is an extremely passionate teacher and wordsmith. Her passion is contagious and refreshing. Songwriting can be a lonely process and it is easy to fall back into repetitive patterns. Emily has shaken up that process and brought me closer to shaping an authentic and universal lyric and pushed me to shape and develop my craft. Our sessions together are strategic, collaborative and engaging and Emily is always prepared and well-organized. I highly recommend Emily as a writer, mentor, teacher and collaborator to anyone wishing to develop their own personal writing journey and to elevate their existing work."

       -Sheila Veerkamp

“Emily has been a tremendous help to me in writing my memoir. She brings a formidable set of literary and editing skills to our sessions, tempered with a genuinely constructive critical approach."

       -David Goldman


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